All of our cooler ranges are flexible in their design the conditions they are intended to operate in, providing a wide range of applications for which our coolers can be utilised.

Working in conjunction with an established refrigeration contractor, we designed several of our floor mounted coolers to be installed in an imported food storage facility, where products would be stored before being despatched to retailers or distributors across the UK.

Part of the specialist scope of supply on these units was a bespoke ducted cowls, designed to follow the profile of the wall and ceiling above the coolers, to ensure a specific path of airflow around the store and maintain adequate working conditions for members of staff moving the products around.

Floor mounted coolers spread over two rooms with base mounted CF coolers for a third room.
Each room was a different size and required different sized coolers.
The shape of each room also required bespoke ductwork specifically designed for this project.
Ductwork was delivered in sections for assembly by the installation team on site. Ease of assembly was a pressing concern during the design process.

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