Our range of adiabatically enhanced units boast very large performance ranges, minimal water consumption and low power usage.

The principle behind adiabatic cooling is the use of water to cool the incoming air through evaporation, thus absorbing the heat and lowering it’s temperature before it reaches the coil – increasing the heat exchange.

Ecomesh Render


Ecomesh is the most cost-effective adiabatic systems available. Other adiabatic spray systems put the water onto the fins, thus greatly reducing the life expectancy of the unit. With our Ecomesh, the special nozzles spray a fine mist onto the mesh rather than onto the fins to overcome this. The spraying happens intermittently and the duration of the spray and the time between pulses is governed by our unique controller to ensure optimum use of water. It will only commence once all fans are running at full speed so as not to over use water and thus keep running costs to a minimum.

It is also available as a retrofit kit to fit 99% of other manufacturers Condensers, Dry-Coolers and condensing units. Please contact us for more information.

Ecomesh benefits

  • Low water consumption
  • Cost effective
  • No water treatment required
  • Automatic system flush every 12 hours
  • Aerosol operation
  • Retro-fit capability
  • Reduced unit footprint
Celdek Render

Wetted Pad System

Our wetted pad system offers an even greater adiabatic enhancement with increased air saturation, resulting in a very large performance range. The pads are wetted via a smart water distribution system located at the top of the coil.

The fine mesh design allows a greater saturation of the air before it reaches the coil, without the use of aerosol sprays.

Wetted Pad System benefits:

  • Low water consumption
  • Large performance range
  • Aerosol free
  • No water treatment required
  • Automatic system flush every 12 hours
  • Reduced unit footprint
  • Low power consumption

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