We supply coolers on a monthly basis for the food manufacturing sector to the biggest names within the UK.

With the food and drink industry being the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, it’s important to ensure that the refrigeration side is efficient and suitably designed for the process.

The main aim of refrigeration in this sector is to slow down processes that may result in the degradation and deterioration of the foods that are being processed. Not only that but the equipment provided, heat exchangers in our case, all need to contain suitable materials for food preparation areas. Safeguarding the heat exchanger from degradation within the room from either the food process or cleaning process is imperative. To combat this, we offer fully stainless-steel coolers for high-care rooms, with coated fins and a cleanable specification to allow the units to be fully cleaned before their next production cycle.

Our bespoke cleanable specification offers a 76mm cleanable gap between the drip-tray and bottom of the coil. This has two benefits for our customers. The first is it allows you to fully clean out any debris that may have built up during production. The second is that, unlike coolers with hinged drain trays which can be heavy, you don’t have the dangers of needing to disconnect and drop the tray to clean it.

We also offer fully hinged fan plates and hinged or lift-off end covers to clean other areas of the cooler.

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