When providing a heat rejection unit for a data centre, it’s important to guarantee performance even in peak summer conditions.

At Coolers and Condensers, we are very focused on keeping your energy costs down by offering EC fans on all our units where possible, with offerings of up to a 70% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional AC fans.

With refrigeration largely contributing to your electric bill, implementing free cooling solutions with the use of both naturally cool water and air as opposed to mechanical refrigeration can also greatly reduce your power consumption. This can then be improved further with the addition of our adiabatic systems, by using minimal amounts of water to reduce both the size and power usage of your units.

Our bespoke control panels we offer enable you to closely keep an eye on the performance of your unit, with an option for BMS integration via Modbus or BACnet communication protocols. With our vast experience of providing data centre cooling all over the UK, we can work closely with our customers to tailor both the unit and controls to meet their specific site requirements.


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