For over 30 years we have been providing crop store coolers to some of the biggest names in the UK. Ranging from our standard designs to bespoke cooler designs varying from customer to customer.

When storing harvested crops like potatoes and onions, the quality and storage life can greatly be affected by things such as moisture loss, respiration and sprouting. Therefore, it’s important for us to keep in mind major factors such as temperature difference, relative humidity and air volume – especially when designing heat exchangers for potatoes.

Unlike potatoes, onions aren’t cooled immediately after being harvested. This is because they first need to be dried to enable the skin to crisp and colour to change. Then once this process is completed, they’re slowly lowered in temperature by around 0.50°C per day into their cold storage temperature (0-2°C).

All our crop storage floor mounted coolers can be supplied with bespoke square ducting to an overall height of your choice.

We also offer them with the option of EC fans to give you close air volume control and generous power savings over the years with fast payback periods.

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