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About us Inside Factory 80's 1984

This is where it all started, a newly built factory in Segensworth East industrial estate. Set-up by four directors already with a wealth of knowledge and status within the refrigeration industry.

About us Factory 2020 2011

After 27 years of building a sterling reputation within industrial refrigeration, the company was sold to David Gillet. This was shortly after his 36 years at a large UK based heat exchanger manufacturer.

Company History Ripley 2013

After looking around the premises of Ripley Engineering to potentially buy machinery, we were so impressed we ended up buying the company. Their sheet metal expertise and quality proved invaluable and enabled us to improve our product even further. From that day we moved all of our sheet metal work up to Ripley.

Company History Second Factory 2015

As we continued to grow our business, we required more room to build our products and keep the factory moving efficiently. Once the factory across the road became available, we jumped at the chance to utilise it for our final assembly build and unit storage.

Comapny History Factory Extension 2016

To improve our processes within our primary factory, we decided to build an extension by taking advantage of the unused space at the back of our premises. This enabled create a lot more room for new machinery and speed up current processes.

About us Company History CO2 test chamber 2018

With the supermarket sector especially taking advantages of the benefits of CO2, this resulted in a lot more work coming our way. As there are very high-level pressure tests required for CO2 heat exchangers,  we had a bespoke CO2 test chamber built to do this safely and efficiently.

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