The process for refrigerating fruit can largely vary depending on the type of fruit, which is why it’s important to understand this as there is seldom one temperature solution to suit all fruit types.

Bananas for example are better stored at around 14-20°C and with a high humidity to enable them to ripen effectively before being shipped out for sale. Apples however, are better stored around the 1-4°C mark with a high humidity in a low O₂ room to slow the ripening process and enabling them to be stored for months at a time with minimal loss in quality.

As soon as fruit has been harvested, it begins to deteriorate and grow harmful bacteria so it is imperative to get it refrigerated as promptly as possible. Therefore we take great care when designing heat exchangers for fruit cooling, ensuring both the air volume is optimal and minimal dehumidification is occurring. This is helped by using a blow through style of cooler to eliminate the fan motor heat being discharged into the room and the use of EC fans to give you air volume optimisation.

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