Industrial product freezers are often highly tailored to a specific room size and the volume of product loads needing to be processed. As every store is different, we are able to provide a bespoke evaporator coil solution to ensure we make the best use of the application space and design.

In April 2019, C&C were fortunate enough to be involved in the bespoke design of just such a store. Featuring a specialised “edge drive” system on the product belt system allowed a much greater area to be available for the evaporator coil sections.

Our detailed design process culminated in a 6000mm tall coil stack capable of approximately 300kW capacity and over 50m³/s of air volume across the belt system.

The system itself was supplied to an independent, modern bakery operating within the UK and Northern Ireland and supplying large volumes of quality frozen and chilled bakery products to countries across Europe, USA and the Middle East.

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