Over the last few years Coolers and Condensers Ltd have been asked to replace numerous microchannel Condenser blocks with more conventional blocks manufactured with Copper Tubes. The reason for this is that, unlike copper coils, repairs to Aluminium Coils are virtually impossible. We have to date replaced over 150 coils in chillers all around the country.

We do an initial site visit to measure the original coils and take details of the chillers so the replacement coils can be designed to match the required duty. The new coils are designed to fit easily into the original Chillers with minimal work on site and the casework can be painted to match the original units.

4 x V block Aluminium microchannel units that had all developed leaks.
C&C visited site and measured up replacement Cu/Al coils as most suitable replacements.
New coils quoted were 20% cheaper than equivalent quoted replacements from the original unit manufacturer.

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