Our HE spiral freezer coils have been designed to facilitate horizontal air movement across a spiral freezer belt. Our individual application design ensures we can make optimum use of enclosure space and ensure the performance of the unit is best suited to the spiral and is appropriate to the product itself. In addition to this, our varying fin spacings and fin thicknesses give further flexibility in run time between defrosts and defrost methods.

We are also able to offer a fan plenum and fans (if required) to draw or blow through the coil as required. Most HE’s come complete with a 250mm washdown tray on the top of the coil, used for cascading the coil with water post-defrost in order to have a clean coil to restart the freezing cycle with.

Whether to suit a single or dual drum system, we have the technical expertise and experience to produce an engineered solution for almost any application.


HA picture Right BLAST HE Flipped

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