The UE variant provides still further flexibility in the spiral freezer design. Designed primarily for vertical airflow, these units can either be used with a spiral freezer (to throw air to the top of the spiral, then draw down through the centre) or to mounted above a straight belt, blowing directly down onto a the product (tunnel freezer).

In addition to this, our varying fin spacings and fin thicknesses give further flexibility in run time between defrosts and defrost methods.

The primary defrost design for the UA consists of a St/St spray sparge running along the length of the unit. Supported above the coil face, this sparge contains spray nozzles, set out to give even coverage over the coil face and can provide an effective Warm Water defrost. All other design criteria and options available on our HE coils still apply, just turned through 90°.

  • Vertical air flow
  • Primarily used within tunnel freezer systems


HA Picture Left BLAST UE

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