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We are able to offer a specialist design service beyond the scope of our standard ranges. Whether this be simple dimensional restrictions or an abnormal operation method, our flexible design approach means we are able to offer custom solutions to almost any installation.

Below are a just a few of the special applications we have provided recent design solutions for. Given the vast array of product types and design variables, it is impossible to detail every possibility of design available here, so please contact our design team to discuss the options available to suit your particular application.

Gravity Coils
Custom coil selections can be made for a wide variety of applications. These ceiling suspended coils are designed to cool the room with natural convection, eliminating the need for fans and resulting in an almost silent and energy efficient cooling solution.
Wall mounted coolers
Designed to suit those applications where floor space is at a premium, but building construction does not facilitate ceiling mounted units. These coolers can be wall mounted to structural steelwork so as to provide a reliable airflow pattern around the room.
Angled Fans and Defrost Cowl
The coolers shown here are designed to sit above a meat hanging rail and the air flow path is engineered to provide the best air flow across the product area. The insulated cowl section on the air on side also helps to keep defrost heat within the cooler resulting in faster defrost and less effect on the room ambient temperature and condition.
Bespoke Condenser
Implementing additional features such as internal steels (suitable for the mounting of plant equipment), internal and external protective mesh and customer specified non-standard paint colour, this entirely bespoke condenser was designed from the ground up. Extensive communication between design teams meant that every design and specification aspect could be addressed. This could include the positioning of the structural steels, the specification of the various materials and fixings all the way through to the wiring layout and specification.
Custom Spiral Application
Designed to utilise a specialist water defrost system, this unit includes splash baffles to keep water within the coil casework as it drains from the upper defrost distribution trays. Other special considerations had to be made due to the overall size, structural support and cleanable specification of the coil.
Low Noise Applications

When dealing with noise sensitive sites It’s imperative that sound levels are kept to a minimum. We achieve this by offering a combination of EC fans and silencers. The unit on the left was subject to a sound test and achieved a very low 25 db(A) at 1m whilst still achieving the duty. The unit on the right was supplied to a site in the centre of London requiring a large duty but a low noise level. The silencers we use can offer up to a 13 db reduction in noise!

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