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We can offer a comprehensive range of housing solutions for any site condition, either supplied as a standalone housing or close coupled on a common frame alongside a range of condenser designs. Specification of all housings can range from a standard industrial type, to a high spec acoustically lined housing, depending on the site-specific noise criteria. We are also able to offer bespoke housing solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Housed Condenser Ranges

KF Housing
The KF Housing is designed to be installed in conjunction with our KF Condensers. As with all our standard housings, the KF housing is available either as a standalone product or pre-installed onto a common frame. In the packaged layout, the condenser is oriented in such a way as to accommodate the connections within the housing itself making installation of connecting pipework much easier and neater.

These housings are available to match A, B and C module KF condensers across the width and are available in two standard lengths (1200mm & 1800mm). We are also able to offer a range of door and removable panel options to make installation of equipment quicker and easier.

BKB Housing
Designed in conjunction with our KB range of condensers, these housings type is acoustically lined tailored to sit alongside a condenser on a common frame. This provides a range of flexible footprint sizes for duties smaller than those provided by the KF Condenser range, whilst also providing a compact housing layout and noise attenuation for more commercial applications. The housing itself can be supplied as a remote product, or built onto a common frame alongside a condenser.
Customer Specific Designs
In addition to the KF and BKB ranges of Housed Condenser units, we are also able to provide customer specific designs. From initial design brief to final modelling, all aspects of the housings design are considered and discussed giving a top quality custom product suitable for a variety of site applications

Above are just a few of the many customer specific designs we have previously supplied.


Modular Housed Condensers

MM Housing
Acoustically lined housing built with flexibility in mind. Design to “Mix and Match” with MM Condensers and MM Mounting kits to create many options of layouts and varying site footprints. The design of the housing has been sized as to accommodate the most common site equipment required for small scale condenser arrangements.
MM Condensers
The MM condenser designs cover a range of commercial duties and can be supplied with various fan speeds and noise profiles. Available as a remote unit, or installed in one of three orientations around an MM Housing with the appropriate MM Mounting kit, these condensers are ideal for small scale condenser applications where the installation of site components is required.
MM Kit Options
Three kit options are available to go alongside a standard MM housing and a selected MM condenser. The remote kit provides a base for the standalone housing supplied to be installed remotely from the condenser itself. The Rear kit includes a folded sheet metal baseframe to site the housing and condenser back to back. For applications where a very small footprint would be beneficial, the top mounting kit allows the condenser to be mounted above the standard housing.



Industrial Acoustic Housings

Industrial Acoustic Housings
Drawing from the wealth of design features found in our standard ranges, we are able to offer customer specific housing solutions. Key design features that can be included in these designs are:

  • Design to suit specific site dimensions
  • Acoustically lined walls with 50mm Rockwool insulation
  • Lower noise options available with acoustically lined base in addition to the above.
  • Removable side panels allowing various equipment access options.
  • Ventilation louvre and fan options
  • Full range of RAL colours available to match existing site equipment.

This is, by no means, the full range of extra features we are able to offer. Contact our Technical Sales Team to talk through your application requirements.

Site Services (offered through Box Clever)

Site Surveys including noise surveys

We are able to offer detailed site surveys to assess your housing needs and any attenuation requirements that may need to be included. Following this assessment, we are able to put together design options that will be suit the particular application

Installations (housings)

Further to the site assessment and design work detailed above, we are also able to offer a full installation service on site. You can read more about these options, and details of previous sites we have worked on, from our Box Clever Projects site.

Talk to us about the right products for your application