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For over 30 years, we have worked closely with contractors and end users in order to understand more about the application of our products on working sites. This understanding and experience allows us to improve and tailor our products to better suit the specific applications in which they will operate.

Food Processing

The need for hygienic cooling equipment is among the most important design criteria within the food production industry. Our ranges of high spec material finishes and cleanable options ensure that high hygiene specifications can be maintained with confidence. Cooler specifications can range from low volume, low noise and low height coolers for manned production areas to large blast coolers, spiral or tunnel freezers.

Power Generation

The large scale heat rejection required by a range of power generation systems can be achieved using our flexible dry air cooler range. Special material specifications can be accommodated as required and our flatbed units are available as standard draw through and forced draft layouts.

Recreational Facilities (Ski Slopes)

Winter Sports centres require stringent temperature control and often snowmaking facilities to maintain the quality of the slopes themselves. All our coolers can be designed to give extended running times whilst minimising the need for regular maintenance or defrost periods.

Crop Storage

Product quality control is of particular importance with fresh produce storage. We are able to work with contractors to ensure the right cooling solution is offered in order to create the necessary environment for the specific product, in terms of temperature and humidity control.

Distribution Centre

Where efficiency of space is at a premium, we can provide various placement or mounting options that not only make best use or the space available and avoid disruption to the store operation, they also allow maximum product loadings whilst maintaining the best working air path possible.

Offices/Data Centres

Air conditioning systems play an important part of any office based environment. Our condenser and dry cooler options allow us to provide the optimum solution for operation within a particular HVAC system.

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